Claudio Bianzino Quintet

Claudio Bianzino (soprano and tenor sax), Gianpiero Malfatto (trombone), Luigi Martinale (piano), Stefano Profeta (double bass), Paolo Franciscone (drums). A quintet to remember one of the first Italian saxophonists, Tullio Mobiglia, a musician who went too quickly from success to oblivion. A concert to retrace the adventurous career of the Piedmontese saxophonist through some of his compositions proposed in new arrangements and in the company of exceptional musicians. But also an opportunity to retrace the dark years of our history through the events of music, with sometimes unexpected implications…

Claudio Bianzino Quartet

Claudio Bianzino (soprano and tenor sax), Davide Calvi (piano), Stefano Profeta (double bass), Nicola Stranieri (drums). The classic jazz quartet formation represents an exceptional “playing ground”, as well as an almost essential step, for any saxophonist. In fact, in addition to probably being the most widespread instrumental context in jazz, it is often also the one in which individual instrumentalists – precisely because they feel “at home” – are able to best express their musical message. If you then have the opportunity to try your hand at this terrain together with excellent musicians (and excellent people), available to tackle a largely original and unknown repertoire, you can really consider yourself lucky.
My companions in this adventure are not only all instrumentalists of recognized and appreciated ability, but they are also all endowed with a strong musical personality and compositional skills, and this is a characteristic of fundamental importance for moving on the terrain of original compositions. Songs which, while absolutely not aiming to be “strange” at all costs, nevertheless express the attempt to travel new paths, with one eye on the past and one… on the road signs…

78 Giri Hot Ensemble

Founded in 1999 by the unforgettable Mario Saccagno, the “78 Giri Hot Ensemble” is an orchestra that has always remained active since then and whose direction was “entrusted” to me in 2008. Since then, continuously renewing ourselves and expanding the staff to a truly own big band, we held dozens of concerts. The young (and not so young) musicians who make up the big band are overwhelmingly amateurs and this constitutes a great advantage, because if on the one hand they always manage to have a constant desire to improve themselves as individuals and as a group, at the same time they retain great fun in making music, a sensation that they always manage to communicate to me, while unfortunately it is not always felt in the professional environment. It seems that this component is also perceived and appreciated by the increasingly numerous audiences who follow our concerts. The result of this way of approaching music together is that of a cohesive and fun orchestra, but it should not be forgotten that among the ranks there are also valid soloists and very promising young people. In fact, in recent years a fair number of musicians from the Vercelli, Alessandria and Pavia areas have joined our staff. The repertoire ranges from swing era classics to more contemporary arrangements.

Duo Bianzino Profeta

The Duo is based on creative interaction, on the essentiality and intertwining of the melodic lines of the two instruments. In tackling a rather heterogeneous repertoire, the two musicians move easily both on the terrain of original music and on that of the Afro-American jazz tradition. In fact, both of them, in addition to being performers and instrument teachers for about twenty years, are also composers and arrangers. The songs are chosen from the standards and traditional American songs, with the addition of original compositions specifically designed for the “restricted” lineup. The two instruments (the saxophone and the double bass), although both of European and classical origin, have in fact been profoundly modified both in their instrumental technique and in their orchestral function thanks to the music of the New Continent.

B4 Sax

Claudio Bianzino (soprano and alto sax), Andrea Buffa (alto and tenor sax), Marco Benso (tenor and baritone sax), Stefano Brianza (baritone sax). Special guest: Gianni Virone (baritone sax).

The idea of forming a saxophone quartet had been teasing me for some time when, at the end of 2004, I decided to involve musicians in this project. At the basis of this artistic partnership there is undoubtedly the intention, or at least the desire, to be able to “say” something new; this element is of essential importance for what illustrious scholars have defined as the main art form of the 20th century and which we call jazz. The search for this different creative dimension leads us to explore the potential of the single instrument, in the context of particular compositional solutions and various timbral combinations. In the realization of this musical project we rely exclusively on the sound of our instruments, without the aid of a rhythm section. The quartet’s repertoire is based both on specially written original compositions and on appropriately adapted pieces from the African-American tradition, also including unpredictable moments of pure fun. Over the last three years, this group has performed in various concerts and music festivals.


Roberto Sbaratto (vocals, narrator, guitar), Liana Attimonelli (vocals), Claudio Bianzino (soprano and tenor sax), Luigi Ranghino (piano), Paolo Baltaro (keyboards), Stefano Profeta (double bass), Claudio Saveriano (drums).

With this formation we have rearranged some songs from the Vercelli popular tradition in a jazz key, proposing a union between apparently distant worlds which has achieved considerable success.

The songs were recorded on the CD “Riarangi√†”, the proceeds of which are donated entirely to the Anffas association of Vercelli, alternating with the reading of texts by authors from the Vercelli province.

The numerous concerts that followed, and which still lead us to play in many places in our province, were called “Waterland Songs” and confirm the public’s appreciation for this project.


The lineup, in addition to involving me on soprano saxophone, includes the guitarist Vittorio Gallione, the bassist Paolo Botta and the drummer Daniele Manachino. The sound that emerges is a very varied set, given by the combination of acoustic sounds and highly sought-after electric sounds. This project was born in 2005, when I was very happy to meet these musicians again, with whom I have had common, although not continuous, musical experiences for about twenty years. At the base there is a consolidated friendship and a great harmony, which has allowed the development of a project aimed at composition and musical research without stylistic or genre limitations. In practice we play without asking ourselves the problem of what music to make or how to make it, nor of having to respond to market logic. We play essentially for the pleasure of doing it (I remember that the word “suonare” as a replacement for the word “play” is an entirely Italian peculiarity), and with the intent, or at least the desire, to communicate some emotion. As can be understood, the name “quattrofuori” does not refer so much to the members of the group, but rather indicates the four quarters counted from the drums before the start of a piece (if it is in 4/4…).


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